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Welcome to Ryoma Academy

Ryoma Academy is the premier martial arts and fitness facility in Western Maryland offering programs for men, women and teens. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, self defense or competition skills, we can help take you beyond your mental and physical expectations to help you achieve new levels of endurance, strength, confidence and self-respect.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, known as "The Gentle Way," uses leverage and technique to control and submit your opponent. This system is well suited for men and women seeking effective self-defense training, the competition minded student, or the one who just wants a different approach to improving physical fitness and cardiovascular endurance. BJJ is the ultimate strategy and called a "thinking" persons art. These classes can push your endurance level to new heights by doing body weight conditioning drills and free sparring.

Learn to move your body efficiently and control your opponent no matter your strength or size. Make your fitness program more than just weight lifting and boring treadmills. Train with a purpose...train body and mind together.

What's New...

Congratulations BJJ Promotions
Bob Carder - 2nd Stripe Brown Belt
Jason Jacobs - Brown Belt
Vasil Parousis - Brown Belt
Congratulations PDS Promotions
Brent Walter - Blue Belt
John Foutz - Green Belt
Garrett Kessell - Green Belt
Chris Lyon - Green Belt
Ryan Garlitz - Orange Belt
Andres Torres - Yellow Belt
Roman Torres - Yellow Belt

Ryoma Group Fitness is far more than "just" an aerobics program...it is a complete approach to total body fitness in a motivational group setting. If you are seeking an alternative approach to the gym...this may be just what you are looking for. Group personal fitness training classes that incorporate the three necessary components of a well rounded approach to complete fitness... cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility training. Challenge yourself to reach new levels in each. Many people may focus on only one aspect of the equation therefore possibly neglecting the other two. This program is set up so that you get the benefits of all three. Your mind or body will never get bored because the classes are constantly changing. So if you need a change, come work out with us!

About the Facility

Ryoma Academy of Martial Arts offers a modern, spacious facility with over 6000 total square feet including approximately 2500 in 1 1/2" padded training flooring, 60 feet of mirrors lining the front wall, changing rooms with showers and a 2nd floor loft with additional training area. Plenty of well lit parking is always available.

The dojo is well equipped with many training accessories including heavy bags, hand held punching & kicking targets, jump ropes, dumbbells, aerobic steps, pullup/dip stations, kettle bells and medicine & stability balls. Energizing and upbeat music keeps the motivation high during the always challenging, yet fun classes.

Owned and operated by Kevin & Valerie Wilson, their training styles focus on combining martial arts with fitness. With over 39 years of experience between them, their passion for their chosen arts is displayed during each energetic, fun & disciplined class they instruct.


Ryoma Academy of Martial Arts

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